Playground area


Parents will now have a 300 m2 facility that’s playful, colourful and safe, where they can leave their kids to have fun in the company of highly qualified staff, while they can devote themselves to shopping around the 90 boutiques in perfect peace of mind. Young visitors to this large playground will enjoy an imaginary journey through jungles and across oceans, with a rich offering of recreational and creative activities, theme-events and workshops that employ edutainment and entertainment instruments designed to engage and stimulate kids from 3 to 11. There is also a free-access nursery area where mums can breastfeed or nappy-change their babies.


Kids will enter the area in accordance with standard procedures guaranteeing maximum security. There will be weekly mini-events focussing on a theme of educational relevance. These activities are designed to raise kids’ awareness of issues such as ecology, road safety, food education, environmental sustainability, etc. But the activities that introduce such important themes to our little guests will be stimulating and great fun..


It will also be possible for parents to organize birthday parties for their kids in the new play area, the aim being to let the little ones have fun and dream. The “package” includes the entire planning and organization of the party, animation and high quality catering. At the centre of the party the birthday boys and girls themselves, sharing moments of creativity, play and pure fun with all their friends.
Casting Day at Zero+

CASTING DAY is an event promoted and organized by ZERO+ collaborating with our Brand householders: Boy London, Cesare Paciotti, Relish and many others. Please come at ZERO+ store at Torino Outlet Village with a printes photo of your child and procede to registration, we are waiting you on Sunday for casting!
New Fall/Winter Collections

We look forward to seeing you at Torino Outlet Village to discover the new Fall/Winter Collections, with discounts of up to 70% on top brands all year round, in 90 stores.
Cracking Art at Torino Outlet Village

Given its big success with the public and the media, the installation is staying at Torino Outlet Village another month.

Until October 31th, an invasion of 103 coloured works by Cracking Art will transport visitors to Torino Outlet Village into a magical world.

Cracking Art, an art movement known all over the world for its recyclable plastic animals, has created an art installation that will be invading the Outlet Village to make the shopping experience even more unique on the occasion of the first wave of summer sales. An entertainingly close encounter that also gives food for thought. Meercats on their hind legs doing sentry duty. Packs of wolves. And swallows, frogs and multi-coloured snails. Torino Outlet Village will be invaded by a lovable band of animals from Saturday 1 July to 30 September thanks to Cracking Art, a group that has already coloured squares, lawns and balconies in Italy and the rest of the world with their plastic installations. The name of the collective comes from the technical term that marked the start of the plastic age, catalytic cracking, the chemical reaction that turns oil into plastic, organic becoming inorganic, natural artificial. The highly colourful, larger-than-life protagonists of their installations are made of regenerated and recyclable polyethylene, for the point of this artistic initiative is to stimulate reflection – in places not specifically designed for art, such as the Village – on the growing artificiality of our environment and the need to conserve and protect it, and also on new possibilities for expressive, artistic recycling. “A new installation is always very stimulating,” they tell us, “and even more so in this case, where we’re into an unexpected architectural dimension. We love the choice of a simplicity that enhances the content and provides an ideal stage for everything that happens, that moves within it. The biggest challenge is undoubtedly getting one of our works up on top of the obelisk: we’re going to try….”. This isn’t Cracking Art’s first public appearance in a commercial context. “The first effect is certainly the pleasant surprise of finding yourself surrounded by unexpected presences. The feedback we’ve had speaks of fun and high spirits that stimulate interaction with the works: people hug them, kiss them, take selfies with their favourite one and share them on their socials. Kids adore them, but the really exciting thing is seeing how adults get infected by the playful spirit of our installations. The works actually installed are not on sale though. What can be purchased are numbered and signed specimens (a limited edition) identical to the installed ones.” And where will all these animals go after 30 September? “When they’re not touring the world, these works live very close to Torino Outlet Village, in Biella. Our art movement started out from that city, our base has always been tied to its origins there.”