Giorgia Fantin Borghi ( is one of Italy’s most famous wedding planners. TV presenter, writer and candidate for the Elle International Bridal Awards 2017, she gives us some tips about the “yes” day.

What are the strongest trends in terms of locations and décor?

Location-wise there’s a preference for family homes, especially if they have a nice outdoors. In recent years, people are preferring décor that reflects the surrounding nature and territory. For example, instead of using cut roses for decorations, you use whole plants, which can then be given away after the event to promote a greener and more responsible attitude. Given it’s summer, people prefer to be outdoors and enjoy the views. To avoid the real heat, ceremonies are organized when the sun goes down. Cocktails in the garden and dinner in a tent or indoors. The cutting of the cake is then staged outdoors, followed by music and dancing before going back indoors.

Food trend

There’s a tendency towards zero km menus, with a strong focus on local in-season produce and variety to cover a wide range of tastes. Recently, there’s been a shift away from buffets and islands to circulating waiters (requiring very smooth orchestration) to give suitably personal attention to each guest. This is more expensive but means better quality time for the guests. The choice reflects higher sophistication but not ostentation.

Something people often overlook

A common error is to underestimate the lighting and overestimate the floral décor. At evening events, even the prettiest floral decorations won’t be seen unless they’re well lit: a magical atmosphere is the product of good lighting. It’s an important item to consider, also in terms of budget.

Bride’s and guests’ dress codes: some tips on etiquette

For a bride to be really elegant her shoulders must be covered. At royal weddings, no princess has ever been married with bare shoulders. True elegance has covered shoulders. I also find it hardly refined to wear sandals under the gown. When the bride walks, you can see her bare toes peeping out, which is really inelegant: better the toe of a fine shoe, even a simple one. I’d advise guests to dress in keeping with the venues of the ceremony and reception and, for the women, always abide by the rule that hems must grow as the hours pass, so skirts get longer from morning to evening. You start at knee length (never above) and end up, in the evening, with a long gown. Long dresses in the daytime, no. 

What did you like most about Pippa Middleton’s wedding, and what least?

The pages were really beautiful, even though they were in front of the bride in the exit procession, so we didn’t get a full view of her figure. The most blatant error was in the gown: the underskirt with the hoop was attached too high, giving the dress an odd twist: a pity. The bouquet, on the other hand, was splendid: small, which is preferable to those big unwieldy things. It must be tiny bunch. 

What do you think the Fedez/Ferragni wedding look will be?

I imagine her with a transformable dress, with bits to add on or take off to mark the various moments of the event. I see him as rather less classic than your usual groom. I hope he wears socks though, because a man without socks, even if he’s creative and young, is unpresentable. Especially at his own wedding.