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Venchi: passion and quality from 1878

Innovate, experiment and craft chocolate in all its forms to offer unforgettable tasting experiences has been Venchi’s mission since its foundation in 1878, when 18-year-old Silviano Venchi opened his dream shop in Turin, the cradle of Gianduja and Italian confectionery. More than a century later, Venchi is still committed to excellence and produces its broad range of chocolates with unvaried passion and artisanal attention to detail. Every day, selected raw materials are crafted by expert hands to create unique recipes where tradition and innovation come together. Centuries-old recipes like the Gianduja – a fine mix of chocolate and hazelnut paste invented by Italian chocolatiers in 1806 – the Nougatine and Cremino 1878, go hand in hand with more innovative flavours, such as the balsamic Vinegar of Modena chocolate, the exotic Colonial chocolates and the sweet and savoury Chocaviar crème pistachio. By producing in small batches, Venchi guarantees maximum quality control, craftsmanship and freshness. Several recipes, such as the Nougat and Prendivoglia chocolate, are still made by hand. Venchi uses only natural, wholesome ingredients of controlled origin: fine cocoa from selected plantations in Latin America and Western Africa, Piedmont hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachios and almonds, cocoa butter and olive oil. Each product is a unique tasting experience where the best and most genuine ingredients selected all over the world get together with authentic Italian flavours to reach the perfect balance. All products are free from hydrogenated fats, palm oil, preservatives, colourings, additives and artificial aromas. The Chocogelaterie, luxury chocolate boutiques designed with a fresh Italian touch, showcase Venchi’s 360° chocolate experience at its best. Chocolate is explored in all its nuances and forms through an experiential journey spanning from classic chocolates, pralines and chocolate bars to hazelnut and chocolate spreads, different flavours of gelato, hot chocolate and other hot or cold drinks like Bicerin and Affogato. A broad offer of daily treats to please all palate. Venchi has been working with local farmers in Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru to produce its exclusive organic single origin chocolate range: Ecuador Intense, Venezuela Full Taste and Peru Pleasant. This comes as part of the company’s commitment to search for unique as well as sustainable raw materials. The cacao growers of the Tena region of Ecuador, for instance, still cultivate the land following an ancestral method of farming that fosters biodiversity and produce for Venchi one of the world’s finest cocoas: the Fino Aromatico. Venchi products are sold in more than 70 mono-brand shops and are selectively distributed in delicatessen shops and luxury retailers, high-end department stores, malls and airports across 70 countries, including the US, Brasil, Far East , China, Japan, Korea, the UK and Germany.


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