Free “Homemade pasta” cooking show

On Friday January 25 take part in the free “Homemade pasta” cooking show at l’Hamburgheria di Eataly from 3:30 pm to 7 pm with Chef Fabio Lepiani Esposito, instructor at the StudioFood33 cooking school.

Enjoy a fun afternoon discovering the true art of Italian cuisine and learn to make stuffed pasta, semolina pasta and colored pasta!


• Greetings and presentation of StudioFood33
• Cooking show of the three pasta types the participants will make: stuffed pasta, semolina pasta, colored pasta
• Organization of participants in cooking brigades and start of cooking class
• Delivery of pasta to the kitchen for cooking
• Tasting

Book your free lesson by calling the Info Point at 011 19234780 and attend the class with friends and family: afterwards you’ll get to enjoy your tasty dishes!

See you there!