Christmas The Original

Christmas The Original is the first brand in Italy to have created customizable Christmas decorations. Each product, born from the creativity of our artists, tells a story and keep inside a message. The artistic customization of each decorations, painted “in store” at the time of purchase, make of every decoration an “unique piece”, an masterpiece […]

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Caleffi stands for Italian Excellence within the world of home culture ever since 1962. It’s the point of reference for those who love surrounding themselves with quality and harmony at home. Passion, Sartorial care for a 100% made in italy designed range, a love for uncompromised quality, a signature style that’s recognizable at first glance,

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La Casa Italiana

The home is the center of gravity of our daily lives and we here at La Casa Italiana want to give to you the opportunity to decorate it with the best products. In our shop you will find a wide assortment of curtains, sofa covers, bed sheets, duvet covers, blankets, tablecloths, towels and much more.

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For over 100 years Bialetti has been narrating the values of the Italian tradition through a journey of aromas, colors and flavors that speak of home, convivial rituals and everyday life. Bialetti combines tradition and innovation thanks to a complete offer in the world of coffee, thanks to products for the preparation of coffee such

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